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India – Golden Curry

Golden Curry

For this dinner I decided to take the easy way out and make curry using a box mix.  I spent the first part of the month putting together special ingredients for different dishes from around the world.  When I looked at the recipe for curry I was overwhelmed and decided to use the mix I already had in the pantry.

I used tofu and vegetables instead of meat and followed the directions on the back of the box.  It was easy.  The most time consuming part was chopping the vegetables.


img_5483This is the container the mix is in.  This was my second time making this dish and I remembered that the previous time I was confused over the directions.

The directions state that one of the ingredients is one box of S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix.  The first time I wondered if it was the entire box or one of the two packets.  I then realized that the entire box is for 12 servings and half the box is for 6 servings.

Other than that confusion, the directions are easy to read and to follow.

The fun thing about curry is you can add any meat or vegetable that you like and change it up each time to make something new.  img_5484

img_5493While I was cooking dinner I opened a bag of Kay’s Kettle Cooked Indian Tikka Masala chips.

My junk food weakness is chips and I could not resist trying these.

The flavor was representative of Tikka Masala.  My favorite flavor is Ginger Wasabi.






The curry was served with steamed rice.  Overall, this was an easy dinner to put together and the family enjoyed it.

The wonderful thing about curry is its versatility and the ease of changing out vegetables and trying new combinations.


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