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When looking for powdered kentjur and djeruk purut leaves for Gado-Gado I made a special stop at SJ’s International Food Market in Dunedin, Florida hoping they would have these in stock.  Unfortunately, they did not but they had things in the store I have not been table to easily find since moving from New Orleans to Florida.  They also had an in store kitchen with made to order meals. I could not pass up the opportunity to take this home so instead of making Thai Food we ordered Thai Food.


While my son and I were waiting for our take away he found Ramune which is a Japanese drink that is similar to a flavored soda.  The lid is used to push a marble that seals the drink into a holding area and you drink from a small hole that is left from the marble dropping.  The drink is sweet and and bubbly.

While we were there we also found Mochi, Royal Family Mochi.  We began eating this delectable treat when we were living in New Orleans.  Before moving to Florida I bought every Red Bean Mochi from the shelf at Hong Kong Market.  We did not find Red Bean Mochi but we did find Green Tea Mochi and it was as delicious as we remember.  If you have never had this, it is a small, springy rice paste that is filled with a filling such as green tea or red bean paste.


We also found other items we miss such as Asian Best Jasmine Rice (with the red elephant on the package), somen noodles, and Botan Rice Candy.

The dishes we ordered were delicious.  We ordered Fresh Spring Rolls, Pork Stick with Sticky Rice, and Pad Thai.  It is a 45 minute drive from Dunedin to our home and we made a stop for sno-balls on the way home.  The food kept well and was warm by the time we made it home.

It was a wonderful outing and had a great time looking at all of the spices, rice, sauces, candy, and other delicious items.  I look forward to a return trip for more mochi and other items we love and another order of Thai Food.


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