September 2016 Menu

In keeping with the past 14 months, I selected a cookbook and 30 recipes to make for the month.  The book for September is Recipes for Healthy Kids – Cookbook for Homes.  This is a collection of the top 30 recipes that were part of a competition sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service of groups made up of school nutrition professionals, students, parents, chefs, and community members.


The book is broken into three sections, Whole Grains, Dark Green and Orange Vegetables, and Dry Beans and Peas, each section with a grand prize winner and nine additional dishes.

The recipes include the name of the winning school and a story behind the dish.  It also includes the names of those who contributed; the school nutrition professional, the chef, community members, and students.

The color photographs accurately depict what the dish should look like once you have made it.  The directions are easy to follow, and the ingredients are easy to find in your local super market.  Often the smallest of details can be appreciated, in the case of this cookbook it is the metal ring binding that allows the book to lie flat or to fold back on itself.  And best of all – it is free.

My hope is that you enjoy the family meals that come from this simple, enjoyable cookbook.

Because this book is available for download I am not going to recreate the wheel.   Instead I will give a review of the meal and if I happened to have a picture I will post it.

You can download the calendar with links to external sites by clicking here.



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