Cinnamon Pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one that often alludes me.  Breakfast is a meal that has a variety of options that are seemingly acceptable.  One can have a bowl of fruit, eggs prepared a myriad of ways, bacon, toast, cereal, or donuts.  Eating donuts for lunch or dinner is not okay but for some reason this meal, the most important of the day, is laden with sugary options.

The flour/sugar choices are the easiest to make for breakfast and often the best tasting.  This is why I made Cinnamon-Apple Pancakes for Sunday breakfast.  I came across Cinnamon Roll Pancakes while looking for something to make for breakfast.

This is my first time using this blog and The Recipe Girl does a wonderful job of making the instructions easy to read, understand, and follow.  Anytime you do something for the first time it is important to read the instructions all the way through and then start the process.  If you do this, you will should be successful.

Some comments state that the pancakes were flat and heavy.  I did not have this problem.  These were the fluffiest pancakes I have ever made.

Other comments state that the cinnamon filling was runny and difficult to work with.  She explains that you need to let the mixture sit and thicken.  Also, if it is still runny you could add more brown sugar to help it thicken.  Also, those that were runny may have used a butter that is more watery when it is melted.

I had a difficult time making swirls and ended up with drops of cinnamon mixture.  I reminded myself that The Recipe Girl is a professional and she works hard to get her food to look picture perfect.  If I made these again and again the swirls would get easier to make.

Some of the changes I made were:

  • adding half of a Granny Smith Apple to the pancake mixture
  • using coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in the pancake mixture
  • omitting the yummy in my tummy cream cheese topping because I did not have any cream cheese

To review:

  • Read the entire post before starting
  • It is okay if the cinnamon swirl is not a swirl
  • Let the cinnamon mixture thicken before using
  • If the cinnamon mixture is runny, add more brown sugar to get it to thicken or consider using a butter with a higher fat content



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