The Art of Perfection and Missing the Olympics

Often, the desire to produce a product that is perfect paralyzes the ability to produce anything.  In the end, having something is better than nothing, right?  An idea starts and then grows.  The fear of not getting it right the first time should not be a barrier.  Things can be updated or reshaped.  Few people get it right the first time, and I am not in the category of those that do.  I am in the category of keep trying, keep trying, don’t give up, never give up.

If an athlete is afraid of failure they will never try, never get better, and never come close to any achievement.  The mental barrier is often more difficult to overcome than the physical.

That being said, I miss the Olympics.  The memories I have of last summer are fond and I am happy to have memories of a month spent cooking around the world and watching top athletes from around the world come together for two weeks of competition.

Only 1,098 days until the 2020 Tokyo Games!


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